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New iPhones Good For Authors

In case you have not heard, there is a new iPhone getting ready to hit the market. And there is going to be a new iOS, which is probably the best part of this news. Oh, that and the fact that Apple sold a ton of these new iPhones in the first 24 hours that ordering was available. How many did they sell? Oh, only around 4 million of them, according to Tech Crunch.

But back to the new operating system – this is going to be the first time that the iBooks app is a standard app. That is why these new iPhones are such a big deal for authors. Whether you distribute your books to Apple via Smashwords, Draft 2 Digital, or direct, one thing is certain – you are likely to see a lot more sales in the iBooks store as soon as consumers have these new devices in hand.

Personally, I am interested in seeing how this plays out for authors since it is so fresh on the heels of Kindle Unlimited. I think that we might see some people pull their books from Kindle Unlimited when that 90 days of enrollment is up so that they can get their titles back into the iBooks store.

Though I am a big fan of Apple products, I have never bought any ebooks from them via iTunes or the iBooks store. So, there is a chance that the new inclusion of this app will have little to no effect on author earnings. It will be quite interesting to see if making it easier for people to buy from the Apple iBooks store (thanks to the newly included app) will sway them away from buying their ebooks from the Kindle store, Kobo, Barnes and Noble or the like. Either way, these next few months should be pretty interesting in terms of ebook sales and profits for authors.

Is Kindle Unlimited being ruined by scammers?

I recently read a post on an author’s website about how scammers are basically ruining Kindle Unlimited for everyone else. You can read the post for yourself here. It seems that a bunch of jerks are creating “books” that are under 10 pages in length. Not only that, but they are either copying other people’s short works or simply repackaging their own. End result? Multiple copies of the same short “book” taking up valuable virtual shelf space.

As I’m sure you’ve deduced by now, the point of those little short books is to capitalize on Kindle Unlimited’s payout once 10% is read. The problem with this is that it lowers the per book amount that everyone gets due to the scammers skewing the results.

What is really interesting about this development is that people are alerting Amazon to the dupe books and they aren’t doing squat about it. Hopefully that will change soon and Amazon will take some action against these scammers. Otherwise all the legit authors will have to look forward to lower and lower payouts from Kindle Unlimited. ¬†And that is assuming that readers who are paying for Kindle Unlimited do not get fed up with all those short crappy books cluttering up the virtual bookshelves.

So here’s hoping that something happens soon before that $1.81 or do drops even lower.