If you are an author interested in getting your manuscript ready for epublication, then you may be surprised to learn that the process is easier than you may expect.

In fact – you can do it all on your own for just $2.99! That’s right. There is honestly no need for you to actually pay someone to take your Word document of your book and turn it into a file ready for the Kindle reader. You might be wondering how you do this, right?

Buy the $2.99 book Kindle Nonfiction Formatting Guide: Solve Your Nonfiction eBook Formatting Problems (How To Format Your Book For Kindle) on Amazon. You can actually use this guide for both fiction and non-fiction titles. Note that I am in no way associated with the referenced book, I just happen to find it the very best book out there on the subject. It is a step-by-step guide and is very easy to follow and the author even gives you sample files for free to make the whole process even easier!

For your ebook cover design, this is something that you can take up on your own if you are decently skilled in Photoshop or a similar program. Or, you can pay a cover designer or artist for it. Many people opt to use Fiverr for this, but the quality may not be the best in the long run. Other places for finding cover artists include Odesk, Elance and just doing a simple search on Google for ebook covers design.

Also note that many ebook cover designers also offer a service to convert your Word document file into the ebook format, if you prefer to not to it yourself.