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Will KDP Select Borrows Ever Hit $3?

For the 2012 holiday season, Amazon had announced a $700,000 bonus to the virtual pot for KDP Select program borrows. Many authors thought this was going to translate into a lot more money per borrow. I remember seeing people online talking about how they expect the payout to be around $5 per borrow.

Up until December, the highest payout I’d seen for the KDP Select program was $2.48 per borrow in April 2012. So, how much was the December 2012 payout? A measly $1.88 per borrow. Slap in the face, eh? Kind of makes you wonder if that payment will ever reach $3 per borrow, right?

It would be nice for authors if it did, and it would actually make KDP Select a worthwhile program for higher priced books, but it doesn’t seem likely.

Here’s a rundown of the past KDP Select payments per borrow by month:

  • December 2012: $1.88
  • November 2012: $1.90
  • October 2012: $2.36
  • September 2012: $2.29
  • August 2012: $2.12
  • July 2012: $2.04
  • June 2012: $2.05
  • May 2012: $2.26
  • April 2012: $2.48
  • March 2012: $2.18
  • February 2012: $2.01
  • January 2012: $1.60
  • December 2011: $1.70

It kind of makes you wonder if we’ve seen the highest payment with the April 2012 payout. And looking at these figures shows that only the authors with lower priced books actually benefit from the KDP Select program since the per-borrow payment is higher than the sales amount.

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