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Is Kindle Unlimited being ruined by scammers?

I recently read a post on an author’s website about how scammers are basically ruining Kindle Unlimited for everyone else. You can read the post for yourself here. It seems that a bunch of jerks are creating “books” that are under 10 pages in length. Not only that, but they are either copying other people’s short works or simply repackaging their own. End result? Multiple copies of the same short “book” taking up valuable virtual shelf space.

As I’m sure you’ve deduced by now, the point of those little short books is to capitalize on Kindle Unlimited’s payout once 10% is read. The problem with this is that it lowers the per book amount that everyone gets due to the scammers skewing the results.

What is really interesting about this development is that people are alerting Amazon to the dupe books and they aren’t doing squat about it. Hopefully that will change soon and Amazon will take some action against these scammers. Otherwise all the legit authors will have to look forward to lower and lower payouts from Kindle Unlimited. ¬†And that is assuming that readers who are paying for Kindle Unlimited do not get fed up with all those short crappy books cluttering up the virtual bookshelves.

So here’s hoping that something happens soon before that $1.81 or do drops even lower.

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